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    Does wine really make you lose weight?

    woman drinking wine

    Obviously, good wine tastes great. It’s also quite the tonic apparently: poorliness like sore throats and swollen glands are no match for a glass of Merlot, they say. It doesn’t even have to be that good a wine to have the same effect on our arteries as would a pipe brush. So, all in all, […] More

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    Sprouts are for life, not just for Christmas!

    Brussel Sprouts are known to be the biggest dinner plate hate in the UK. But why? Is it because of their bitter taste or their eggy smell? They’re cute looking miniature cabbages and at first glance or placed in front of you like the image below, you’d think they taste good, but if not cooked properly, […] More

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    Origami Day: Get Ready to Fold

    Beautiful Origami

      Origami Day 2017 Since we were children we have made paper aeroplanes. It may seem simple, however, this is the most basic form of Origami. I personally couldn’t make a paper aeroplane as a child. I was more likely to rip or tear the paper rather than fold it. However, despite my incompetence, I will […] More

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    The rise (and fall) of the Avocado!

    The squishy green avocado obsession has spiralled out of control, and today, the fruit is now in a crazy amount of demand. It’s the peculiar shaped green fruit that we’ve all gained a weird obsession with, and what used to be just the basis of guacamole, nowadays you can’t scroll down your Instagram feed in […] More

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    Try this with your left over Pumpkin!

    So, Halloween is finally over and it’s honestly felt like we’ve been preparing for a lifetime. This year alone we’ve seen dead Disney characters. Celebrities dressing up as other celebrities. And the creepiest clowns ever to walk the street. But now its time to pack it all away for next year, and start the Christmas shop! […] More

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    National Men Make Dinner Day

    Cooking great meals

    National Men Make Dinner Day is a holiday celebrated on the first Thursday of every November and let me be the first to say how ridiculous this concept is. A holiday that forces men to cook fits better in the 1950s however nowadays it should be natural for men to don the apron. This holiday even […] More

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    Après-ski: What’s all the fuss about?


    A day’s skiing has drawn to a close and now driver Reynaud brings his passengers from the base of the slopes to a stop in front of the famous Bourud’s Cave in Sauze d’Oulx – close enough for them to land at the bar. The après-ski is about to begin. We take a closer look […] More

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    Beachwear: The Best and Worst

    Beachwear - the best and worst!

    Ah beachwear! It’s come a long way since the flannel bathing gowns of the 19th Century. But to be honest, only inasmuch as designers have now shrunk them to the size of Rudi Gernreich’s pu-bikini. Is that progress? At first blush it seems more of an attempt to be different for the sake of it. […] More

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    Brexit: The English, the French and the Onion Johnny

    Brexit: England and France's Relationship

    Since the autumn of 1066 the English have fought the French 35 times, won 23, lost just 11 and drew once (because they had help). With La République now crowing that the English language will have no legitimacy in Europe after Brexit we’d be forgiven for thinking such stats stick in the throat of our […] More

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    Best dog names ever!

    The best Dog names ever!

    If you didn’t already know, the RSPCA is a charity in England Wales promoting animal welfare. It’s been around for 193 years and is the biggest of its kind in the world. In 1824, two years after the first animal welfare bill became law, a group of well-meaning fellows who shared a common revulsion to animal […] More

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