Best dog names ever!

The best Dog names ever!

If you didn’t already know, the RSPCA is a charity in England Wales promoting animal welfare. It’s been around for 193 years and is the biggest of its kind in the world. In 1824, two years after the first animal welfare bill became law, a group of well-meaning fellows who shared a common revulsion to animal cruelty got together to create a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Curious and eager, they imagined a future where animals were respected and treated with compassion.

Today the RSPCA is still ahead of the game. Its 24-hour cruelty line (0300 1234 999) receives a call for help on average every 30 seconds, and the organisation probes hundreds of thousands of cruelty cases in England and Wales every year. In 2015 it investigated 143,004 complaints with many of these leading to a prosecution.

But their work doesn’t just centre on prevention of cruelty. The Society’s dedicated animal care staff work tirelessly to treat and care for all sorts of poorly animals.

Naturally, we thought it was time we paid tribute to the excellent work of the RSPCA, so earlier we asked the LB Dog Squad to put their muzzles together and come up with something. Within minutes they’d written a list of the seven best dog names ever.


Is BO one of the best Dog names? Names after Obama, we think it could be...

Yes! You guessed correctly. The thick, woolly black and white coat and squat, soft snout must belong to Bo, a beautiful Portuguese Water Dog owned by the former First Family of the United States.


Tonks, a character out of the Harry Potter films and one of the best Dog names we've heard!

How about a little nod to the fanciful world of HP? A member of the Order of the Phoenix, Tonks is, “enthusiastic, bubbly, and easily able to make friends”; not to mention fiercely loyal… thus making this one of only a few worthy human and dog names!


Bono the dog. It has a nice ring to it doesn't it! Could this be the best Dog name around.

Wikipedia lists the lead-singer of Irish rock band U2 as a, “musician, venture capitalist, businessman, and philanthropist.” We think it’s also a great name for your next best friend; cute, loveable and a bagful of fun.


As dog names go, macaroni is a bit of a love or hate name... but we thought it was list worthy...

Back in 1962 US President John F. Kennedy had a horse called Macaroni. But why couldn’t it be the name of a dog too?


Introducing Krypto! The best superhero dog name! But is any human worthy of such a loyal and excellently named pooch?

You could opt for a nod to the famous DC Comics man of steel with Krypto – Superman’s pet dog? Krypto is said to have super-canine intelligence and will rescue you from a sadomasochistic villain.


A dog named Laika!

Wandering the backstreets of 1950s Moscow, Laika had no family to speak of. Nevertheless she was a happy little thing and her curiosity made her flighty. All in all she was an ideal candidate for the Soviet space programme, although sadly the sole occupant of Sputnik 2 never saw the streets of Moscow again.


What are your favorite dog names? We like Appollo.

One of the 350 search dogs used after the Twin Towers terrorist attack on September 11th 2001, Appollo was a real life-saver in the days that followed. What a way to create a mini hero.


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