Funniest Signs from around the World!

Funniest Signs: Speed bumps ahead when children are present

Today, signs can be found everywhere in shops, hospitals, offices, and public toilets. We’re surrounded by them though we will never know why. But not all signs are boring instructions about what to do in an emergency. Here is a selection of the funniest signs from around the world as decided by LB’s crack team of investigators.

Funniest Signs - Do not breathe under the water

Do Not Breathe under the Water
Anyone who has read an article about human evolution will know that our ears are the remnants of gills. But we’ve since drifted too far away from our fishy forefathers to be able to breathe underwater and having a sign up about it only reaffirms what we know instinctively, so what gives? It’s entirely up to you whether you obey this one or not.

A funny, but pointless sign - Please be safe

Please Be Safe
One of the central questions when it comes to running a zoo is what happens when a member of the public gets eaten. We thrive in the vastly altered terrain of the modern world but when it comes to being in proximity to deadly creatures we’d still like to know someone cared if we got nibbled.

Funniest signs -Secret nuclear bunker this way

Did that just say…?
Despite the Soviet Union of the 1960s having detailed maps of every military installation in the UK we thought they could do with a helping hand just in case they’d missed any. The keys are hanging up on the back of the door.

Funny sign -Water on road during rain

Wet Roads
The medium of communication is highly contagious. After all, that’s how we became who we are today. But sometimes our cultural evolution sprouts a mutant sign maker. Barring the emergence of a strong new selective vaccine these signs are just going to keep popping up.

Funny sign -If you hit this sign, you will hit that bridge

If you Hit this Sign…
Ah, a striking example of simple, honest ingenuity. This sign is practical, cheap and mobile. What’s not to like?

Possibly 1 of the the silliest, funniest signs - Please don't sit on the crocodile

Don’t sit on Crocodiles
Never smile at a crocodile. No, you can’t get friendly with a crocodile. And sitting on it will not make you a hero. Oddly enough, Mick Tabone from Queensland, Australia spent his life sitting on one but that was OK because he and croc Gregory shared a “strong bond”.

Funny sign - Cat milk is not from cats

Cat Milk
This has to be one of the funniest signs we have seen for a while! Not content with feeding their cats cow’s milk some owners turn to formula. However, we think this sign was added after people worried about cat cruelty had begun pelting shop staff. More surprisingly, a recent background check revealed that cats don’t have a preference for the type of milk they drink.

Funny sign - Caution fence

They come out of nowhere
Rather like the “road wet when raining” sign, this one. Yet someone must have run straight into the nine foot chain link barrier for there to be a sign in place. If we find out who we’ll post up a picture. In the meantime we’ll wait for that vaccine.

Funniest sign we saw in Chain - Rats about. We are heroes they are zeros!

Well at least it’s inspirational. But the fact remains you’re still heading for a place with a suspiciously high rat count. Enter at your own risk with a forward thrust of the chin and tense clenching of the fists.


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Written by Nick John Whittle

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