National Men Make Dinner Day

Why this National Holiday is Idiotic

Cooking great meals

National Men Make Dinner Day is a holiday celebrated on the first Thursday of every November and let me be the first to say how ridiculous this concept is. A holiday that forces men to cook fits better in the 1950s however nowadays it should be natural for men to don the apron.

This holiday even has its own website which has the rules laid out on it about what every man should do on this day. The websites and the rules make it even worse let’s look at Rule 6 of this wonderful day.

Cooking great meals

“Man organizes all necessary ingredients in order of importance on kitchen counter. At this point, he may need to make a phone call or shout out the word ‘honey’! Followed by a question. This is not allowed.”

Of course, the website says that men who obviously have no clue in the kitchen and need help which is crazy. I certainly know how to cook and know tons of other guys who cook all the time.However, the sexism continues in the next rule.

“Man may, if desired, turn on radio or his favourite CD. Man agrees not to be within 30 feet of TV remote during cooking process. At this point, spouse and any other family members should not be anywhere near kitchen. (unless smoke detector goes off!)”

Of course, if a man cooks they are going to burn the house down. Never Mind how many grammar mistakes are in the quote above. Just use the word “the” a couple of times so it’s possible to read the rules.

This isn’t just a stupid day cause it says men are useless at cooking and also incredibly lazy it’s also horrible for women. Women apparently should be in the kitchen every day and this should be the one exception.

Man Cooking

A day seemingly stuck in the 1950s that we really shouldn’t be celebrating so instead why not go out and enjoy some amazing food elsewhere.

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