Origami Day: Get Ready to Fold

Beautiful Origami


Origami Day 2017

Since we were children we have made paper aeroplanes. It may seem simple, however, this is the most basic form of Origami. I personally couldn’t make a paper aeroplane as a child. I was more likely to rip or tear the paper rather than fold it. However, despite my incompetence, I will still be taking part in Origami Day this Saturday.

Origami Day happens every year on the 11th of November and is in certain places around the world especially Asia where origami is quite an important part of the culture. However, people across the world and the UK celebrate the day spending the day creating these paper sculptures.

Origami Bird


Paper folding has grew in popularity separately in Europe, China and Japan. Firstly in China, they had traditions of creating paper creatures that they would then burn these creatures during funerals as a symbolism.

In Japan, they would create Origami to attach to gifts similar to greeting cards. This eventually turned into a form of entertainment and books were written about to do origami.

In Europe, napkins would be folded into shapes similar to origami. This happened in the 17th and 18th century and similar to Japan people began to write books on how to do origami. Japan eventually adopted these versions of origami.

In the 1900s these forms of origami came together with more people beginning to record their origami works. In the 1980s people began to study the properties of folded paper leading to more complex origami.

How to do Origami

Modern Origami

Origami is still popular around the world for example in big hotel chains they will employ people to do origami for towels to give the customers something a bit different. Festivals around the world will also include origami being distributed like confetti.

Origami day is a wonderful chance for you to make origami and experiment as its such an amazing form of art and is much simpler than some people make it out to be and I will definitely be taking part.

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