Celebs when Young… Can you Tell who it is?

Lots of grown-up V.I.Ps started out as kids; searching the interweb brings up many well-known examples. But there are some we don’t reckon were ever that young and possibly, like the nectarine, simply came about from a hairless mutation of the peach.

One of the central questions is how people emerge from early lifeforms to become celebrities but let’s not waste our breath looking for an answer today. Just put down your scalpels and forklift trucks and try to guess who these young celebs grew up to be. We’ve even added a clue for you and the answers are at the end of the post (because we’re good like that).

Can you guess who this is - Celebs when young

1. Much-loved Hertfordshire Hedgehog who spends his days in the fast lane surrounded by the best of German technology. As such this British ace is used to being on the receiving end of big sour grapes.

Miley Cyrus - Celebs when young

2. A singer with a rootsy vibe, she told us recently she wanted to inspire hope in LGBT and vulnerable young people. But back in 2015 she got in a wrangle when she said, “You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded… So forget Jesus.”

Can you guess who this young celeb is - Boris Johnson

3. The UK’s voice abroad or should that be ‘one’s dominions’? This old Etonian was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and sounds as if he forgot to take it out.

Can you guess who this young celeb is - Stephen Fry

4. A highbrow sort with a hallowed love of tweed. He went to Cambridge to study English Lit before providing one half of an almighty double act. Once celibate for 16 years he is now happily married and making up for lost time, we assume.

Can you guess who this young celeb is - George Clooney

5. A US actor who first struck gold in the emergency room of County General Hospital and has since made millions of hearts throb. He is now a, “filmmaker, activist, businessman, and philanthropist.”

Can you guess who this young celeb is - Jeremy Corbyn

6. This politician once said he was an ordinary man doing an ordinary job but perhaps that’s been his problem all along. Back along The Guardian asked, “Is the world ready for his sandals and socks?” To which the world said “no” and “no”.

Can you guess who this young celeb is - Helen Mirren

7. She has stripped for a calendar, played three queens (at least) and forced her husband to eat her lover. In 2004 she thanked British Naturism for naming her “Naturist of the Year” and said, “I am my happiest on a nude beach.”

Can you guess who this young celeb is - Jimmy Carr

8. 8 out of 10 cats love their comedians to have a dead-pan delivery and funny laugh, apparently. But they draw the line at this one’s involvement with off-shore shell companies.

Can you guess who this young celeb is - Kate Winslet

9. Bestowed with more awards than you could shake a doomed passenger liner at, this English rose’s talents know no bounds. But she won’t stand on a red carpet and talk about how much money she earns.

1 Lewis Hamilton
2 Miley Cyrus
3 Boris Johnson
4 Stephen Fry
5 George Clooney
6 Jeremy Corbyn
7 Helen Mirren
8 Jimmy Carr
9 Kate Winslet


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