The rise (and fall) of the Avocado!

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The squishy green avocado obsession has spiralled out of control, and today, the fruit is now in a crazy amount of demand.

Crushed Avocado

It’s the peculiar shaped green fruit that we’ve all gained a weird obsession with, and what used to be just the basis of guacamole, nowadays you can’t scroll down your Instagram feed in the morning without seeing someones crushed avocado on toast for breakfast or their vegan salad.

As people have got a taste for it, it seems to be getting more and more popular. But now, after 4 billion avocados were farmed last year compared to only 1 billion farmed at the start of the century, the fruit is now slowly becoming extinct, that’s right, were running out.

Why are we running out?

Because we just want too many! We’re getting a little greedy with the fruit and the intake of avocados has doubled since 2006. The USA is the biggest consumer of avocados in the world upping from 3 pounds to 7 pounds of avocado each year, but if you take into consideration all the Mexicans and hippies living in America, there’s probably a lot more consumption than that.

Avocado inflation

The climate change that’s happening right now is altering the harvesting of avocados. Usually, the pattern in avocado farming is beautiful one year, then dull the next. But with weather changes so drastic as we’re seeing today, it could get worse. Farmers need to keep on top of energy prices and most of the time they cannot do this, as they’re dependent on things out of their control – such as a little bit of rain now and again!


Whats so good about them anyway?

First of all, let me tell you this, no one reading this who has never bought an avocado from the supermarket before, will understand the joy it brings when you’ve been painstakingly bending over the grocery carts trying to pick the best one and you finally hold that beautifully firm yet soft fat avocado in your hand, and you then know… tomorrows lunch is going to be a good lunch.

Finding the perfect Avocado

Interesting facts about the most popular consumer product in the US:

  1. They’re full of fibre. 10 grams in each full-sized avocado to be exact. This amazing thing speeds up the passage of foods, and makes you feel full!
  2. The packaging is environmentally friendly (a vegans fave). Their thick skin protects them from almost everything and holds all the goodness inside!
  3. They are great for dip. Crisps and dip are one of my guilty pleasures, and avocado has fewer calories than a heap of mayonnaise, peanut butter and sour cream combined! Next time you’re peckish and you have some breadsticks, head for the guac.
  4. They’re gluten free, cholesterol free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan. They’re a healthy meal’s dream come true!

So, after all that, we’re left with two things us humans need to do. Preserve the avocado and enjoy it! We definitely do not need to be as greedy with them as we are already, or being excessive for that matter. But when we do have one for breakfast, perfectly mashed up and served on grain toast, we need to enjoy the taste of every bite we have!

For more on healthy eating, vegetarian and vegan foods, give this other blog a read to find out about how you can give a lot back to the most beautiful animals in our world and get a taste of the worlds naturally grown fruit and veg!


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