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Try this with your left over Pumpkin!

So, Halloween is finally over and it’s honestly felt like we’ve been preparing for a lifetime. This year alone we’ve seen dead Disney characters. Celebrities dressing up as other celebrities. And the creepiest clowns ever to walk the street. But now its time to pack it all away for next year, and start the Christmas shop!

Getting to the point

But not so fast! Have you looked at your pumpkin this morning whilst leaving for work and thought “that need’s binning later”? I bet you have. Well, this new idea will change your post-Halloween forever! People have been doing it for years, but since the spread of what they’re doing has caught on to social media, people are going mad for it.

Why don’t you recycle you Pumpkin this year? I know it sounds a little odd and I’m not saying you should pick it up and put it in that small box that says ‘Glass bottles and jars ONLY’ in your front garden. I mean recycle as in use it for something else, they are about 6 quid usually and for a bit of carving and one tealight… it’s quite a lot of money.


Ways to recycle you Pumpkin

Use them as a serving bowl!

No, honestly. If you carve all the gooey stuff out which you couldn’t be bothered to do on the 30th, they come out pretty smooth, just give them a wipe and serve some fruit in. Pumpkins are known to last at least 8 days after the initial pick! So why not get a groovy use out of them before you chuck it away, after all, the colour is pretty unique and you’ll be the talk of the town at the next dinner party!

Fashion it into a Bird Feeder!

That’s right, birds will eat anything fruity. Raisins, nuts and even pumpkin, you could even fill it up with bird mix and they will find a way to go through the eyes of it… filling their little bellies before the harsh winter begins. It’s a really cute idea for the kids, and you’re giving back to nature!

Crush it down and wear it as a face mask!

I wouldn’t take my word for it, and I’d be careful if you have sensitive skin. But Pumpkin is absolutely filled with the vitamins A, C and E which are also essential for the smooth healthy skin. So do a bit more research and get a free weeks worth of facemask!

Pumpkin Face Mask

Use it as a candle… again?

As we know already for anyone who has a nose, sorry Voldemort, Pumpkin smells absolutely beautiful as it warms up with the candlelight. Although, you probably won’t want to be staring at an angry face for 8 days, so just spin it around! The smell of the earthy sweet scent will fill your house! It’s a perfect Christmassy smell and a lovely end to my list!

I hope you were surprised by the pumpkin recycling list and do take one of these on board, and may your pumpkin never be wasted again!

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